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This weekend was a spiritual bust. I did not do the morning pages either day. I didn’t do, well, ANYTHING with the practice either day.

Yesterday I took the SAT from 8 in the morning until about 1 in the afternoon, then I watched The Uninvited, then I went to John’s and stayed there until about 10 and came home and crashed.

Today I didn’t get up until almost noon, then I took a nice long shower. I stayed downstairs in the kitchen with my computer set up on the table all day, until about twenty minutes ago. I didn’t get much done besides a few posts on the SpiritsCast forums and a good dose of negativity via Gaiaonline, though I did get my site registered for Google Adsense and convinced my friend to add my music page on MySpace as a friend.

I’ve been increasingly negative these last few days, and I don’t like it. I enjoyed not being a bitch. (Wait, what?!) I enjoyed feeling happy and at peace.
I bet if I went hermit for a week I’d feel no bitchiness at all, lol! But I can’t do that, can I? I live with my parent(s), I go to high school, and I’m romantically attached. No hermitism for me, sadly.

School tomorrow, and I’m going to get back in sync with the practice. I understand that I am only starting out with this, and that starting out is not always an easy, quick flow into routine. It takes work and commitment, and I am willing to get over my failure and progress into success.

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