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Woo! Back on the wagon. Did my morning pages two days in a row, good Taylor. I even did a “prayer” this morning. (Something to the tone of, “Dear Gloria, help me t fill my day with love, light, and peace.”) And I did a water purification in the shower – complete with a chant, which I rarely ever do, so I’m proud of myself. (“Water, water, flow through me, bringing positivity, taking negativity, water, water, flow through me.”)

Haven’t done any card pulls; I’m still mulling over the last one, and somehow it doesn’t feel right to move on until I figure this one out. I’m probably looking at that “wrong” though. (Not “wrong” as in there’s only one way to see it, but more like “wrong” as in not benificial to me.)

I started cleaning my room and rearranging things yesterday, and did a little work on that today as well, but today I succumbed to the lure of the computer. Tomorrow I’m going to get a big chunk of it done with, though. Mostly what I want to do right now is get the clothes I need washed, washed, and sort through what’s in my cabinets, tossing anything that’s garbage, keeping only what it needed, and giving away or selling what I can. (Diablo II player’s guide? Meet Game Stop. Have fun. Gimme cash. Lol!)

I also finally got around to painting a wand I’ve been meaning to give to my friend. Her birthday was a few months ago and I told her I’d have something for her when I could. I’m sure she’s forgotten by now, so it’ll be a really nice surprise. 🙂


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