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Some how I got the morning pages done today. I’m not sure how, with the “Scholastic” competition I was in but apparently I did. I only did 2 pages again but I think I’m going to start making that the norm.
I have this app for my iTouch (which I’m beginning to see as a hugely beneficial tool to my practice – I’m typing this on it right now) that creates sound at the certain frequencies that alter your brain. I’m thinking, morning meditation? Evening meditation?
Another morning activity I’m thinking on is dancing. Dancing always heightens my mood and my energy level. Now, when I say “dancing,” I mean putting on peppy music and moving myself to it. Nothing fancy, just fun.
The iTouch also has acquired an app that gives different yoga positions, and I plan to utilize that as often as I can and hopefully eventually fall into a sync with that. Every day ideally, or four to five days a week, or whatever.


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