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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Listening to old episodes of podcasts that I haven’t kept up with (bad Taylor!), and I got around the end of TommyElf’s episode 96, the Yule episode.
And towards the end he was talking about giving to charities around Christmas, Toys For Tots and those kinds of things. Just the way he said it made me a little sentimental, because at heart I love helping people.
And I thought back to last Christmas, and I remembered that I did give to Toys For Tots. There was a program in my town where they collected names and Christmas wishes from disadvantaged children, and for the National Honor Society we all picked a kid and bought them what they wanted. The little girl I picked was named Heidi. She was 8 and she wanted Barbies or art supplies, and that reminded me of when I was a kid, which is kind of why I picked her. My mom had one of those art kits, with all the markers and colored pencils and paints and stuff, that nobody had opened, and she said, “Oh well, just give them that.” But my gram took me shopping, and she had always done this kind of thing when she lived down South, so she kind of let me go all-out. In addition o the art kit, we got the girl a pack of canvases, a sketchbook, and some extra sketching pencils.

Just hearing Tommy talk about things like that brought that back for me, and then Gloria said, “You made that little girl really happy. You done good, kid.”
I guess I’m kinda proud of myself for that, a little. And I kinda get to thinking, what if that girl grows up to be some kind of spectacular artist, because of the gift I gave her? Kind of out-there, I guess, but it’s a nice idea and it makes me feel real good about myself.