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This page is where I get nice and egotistical like I usually do and talk about myself.

My name is Taylor, otherwise known as CrimsonSheep (and sometimes Nines). I’m an 18 year old mostly-female living in northeastern Pennsylvania in the United States. I’m a senior in high school and also attending a few classes at the local university as part of the “High School Scholars Program”.

I’ve always been a very artistic person, though my creativity is often halted by either my laziness or my perfectionism (or both). Drawing, painting, and writing are the areas I’ve been known to shine the most in. Within the past year and a half, I’ve taken up song writing in addition to my usual prose, and I’ve begun to share my songs through the medium of my own voice. I’ve owned guitars since I was eight years old, but never seriously taken to learning how to play them, mostly due to my own laziness; I’m currently going through a period of renewed interest in that learning. This interest is both displayed and spurred on by my formation of a “musical name” for myself – Midnight Magic.

In the same vein of creation, I’ve recently seriously undertaken a project that has flirted with me for some time, the recording and production of a podcast. My podcast is inspired by others that I have listened to and enjoyed, which have all been of a pagan flavor, and it stands to reason that mine follows a similar fashion. While it is not specifically pagan, it is fairly “witchie” and I do plan on covering topics that may be of interest to those of either a pagan or witchie bent – or both.

I do not totally see myself as pagan. While I follow the definition of “pagan” as “non-Abrahamic,” and that does fit me, I also do not wish to mislabel myself to those who hold a slightly stricter definition of the word, which usually includes the involvement of the gods in religious practice and a huge reverence for nature. My path acknowledges all gods and worships none, and while I do enjoy nature and respect the gifts it gives, I don’t exactly revere it in any true sense.

I am in the process of crafting my spirituality, though I do know the “basics” of what I believe in and how I intend to walk my path. Instead of focusing my spirituality on worship and/or service to the gods, as some do (which is perfectly fine for them), I focus on my own improvement and growth as a person. I use aspects of what I call “mentalism,” or exploring the mind, to connect to my inner self and collaborate on means of personal progress.
As I form this system, I am also forming a book on the system. The system is called “Spiritual Gunslingerism” and the book is to be titled, “Locked and Loaded: A Spiritual Gunslinger’s Handbook”.


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